Mile Stones

1st December 1991


Arkem B.V. was established in Bussum, Netherlands by Levend Kokuludag, Mark Van Steenis and John Harding. An exclusive contract with NISHHO IWAI Europe PLC, London was signed in order to develop petrochemicals products business in Turkey and the surrounding countries. Arkem B.V.  also became the exclusive  distributor of Vinyl Acetate Monomer  for Quantum Chemicals Corporation,U.S.A  and Esters for Eastman Chemicals Corporation U.S.A.


26th of December 1991


The first cargo containing VAM, EGA, Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Glycol and Ethyl Glycol  was dispatched from the US Gulf inbound to Poliport Terminal in Turkey.


20th of January 1992


The first cargo arrived at Poliport Terminal in Gebze/Turkey.


4th of February 1992

Arkem B.V.  launched its Istanbul office and sales of chemicals were initiated in Turkey and the surrounding countries.s.

1st October 1992


Arkem  B.V. and NISSHO IWAI Europe PLC rented Altintel Tank Terminal in Gebze exclusively for 5 years. 7 new tanks were built for Arkem which came on stream on the 15th of June,1993.


2nd January 1995


Arkem Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was established by Levend Kokuludag in Istanbul and chemical distribution was started in local currency.


1st of August 1995


Arkem became exclusive Acrylates distributor of ATOFINA/France in Turkey.


1st of September 1995


Arkem Kimya A.Ş. started to sell industrial chemicals in Turkey. A new department was established within the company and staff was recruited exclusively for this business.


1st January 1997


Arkem Kimya A.Ş. started representing BP Chemicals Ltd., UK for the distribution of Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Butyl Glycol, Acetone and Isopropanol in Turkey.


2nd January 1996


Gokbil Nakliyat ve Depolama A.Ş. was established in Istanbul for the purpose of transportation and storage of chemicals. The company started to transport MMA in Turkey.y.


4th January 1998


Gokbil Nakliyat ve Depolama A.Ş. expanded its fleet by purchasing 10 new trucks for the transportation of petrochemicals. Additionally, 10 isocontainers were imported for intermodal transportation, which were the first isocontainers introduced in Turkey.


1st June 1999


Arkem Kimya A.Ş. signed a distribution contract with Kuraray Corporation, Japan for Polyvinyl Alcohol. Kuraray, the world’s largest PVOL producer at the time had recently agreed to purchase the PVOL facilities of Dupont in U.S.A and Europe.


4th of June 1999


Arkem Kimya A.Ş. signed a distribution contract with Sasol Corporation, South Africa for Acetone, MIBK and MEK. The first cargo from S.A. arrived at Turkey in August 1999.


18 th May 2000


Arkem Kimya A.Ş. signed a contract with Condea Augusta, Italy for the distribution of Surfactants and Olefins in Turkey.


1st August 2000


Arkem Kimya A.Ş.  signed a contract with Shell Europe B.V. Chemicals for the distribution of their petrochemicals in Turkey.


21 May 2001


Arkem Kimya A.Ş. moved its headquarters from Beybi Giz Plaza in Maslak to the recently built Arkem Center in Sarıyer/İstanbul.


1st May 2004


Arkem Kimya A.Ş. signed a contract with Lyondell Corporation, Netherlands for the distribution of Styrene Monomer in Turkey. Lyondell had recently started to produce Styrene Monomer at their new 600 KT capacity plant in Rotterdam at the beginning of 2004.


1st of May 2004


Gokbil Nakliyat ve Depolama A.Ş. moved to its new warehouse in Gebze/Kocaeli in order to expand its activities in Turkey.


1 June 2004

Arkem Kimya A.Ş. signed a distribution contract for Butyl and Ethyl Acrylate with Sasol Dia Acrylates Ltd. /South Africa.

4 June 2004

Arkem Kimya A.Ş signed a distribution contract for Styrene Monomer with Shell Chemicals Europe B.V /Netherlands.

23rd March 2006


Arkem Kimya A.Ş. started negotiations for the acquisition of Altıntel Tank Terminal A.Ş. in Gebze and signed a purchase framework agreement.


1st May 2006


Arkem Endustriyel Kimya A.Ş. was established in order to concentrate on specialty chemicals distribution.


27th of May 2008


After 2 years of negotiations and bureaucratic processes, Altıntel Tank Terminal A.Ş. was acquired by Arkem Kimya A.Ş.


1st January 2011


Arkem Kimya A.Ş. signed a contract with Chevron Philips USA for the distribution of Styrene Monomer in Turkey. Chevron Phillips had recently started the production  of Stryene Monomer in Saudi Arabia with a capacity of 750 KT.


1st of June 2011

Arkem Chemicals Shanghai (Co.) Ltd. was established in China. It was one of the very few Turkish companies established in China at that time.

1st September 2011


Arkem Chemicals Inc. USA was established in Houston,Texas.


1st of April 2012


Arkem Chemicals Europe B.V. was established in Utrech, The Netherlands.


4th May 2013


Exxon Mobil, Turkey chose Altıntel for the storage of their lube oil products and Altintel Port and Terminal A.Ş. signed a long-term rental contract. 


9th of June 2013


Altintel Port and Terminal A.Ş. received the Şahabettin Bilgisu Environment Award of the year given by Kocaeli Chamber of Industry.


1st August 2013

Altintel Port and Terminal A.Ş. became one of the five green ports in Turkey.

26th of October 2013


Gokbil Lojistik A.Ş. acquired the first ADR certificate given in Turkey from the Ministry of Transportation.


20th of November 2013


Arkem Kimya A.Ş. became exclusive distributor of SABIC for  Acetone  in Turkey. SABIC corporation. Saudi Arabia is the second largest chemicals production company in the world