President’s Message

Many years ago, during the commencement of our business in Arkem, we had a strong belief that three main business principles would guide us into success: Diligence, passion for quality, and ultimate business ethics.

Inspired by our sine qua non business principles, we were confident that our ultimate goal of “being good at what we do” would lead us forward.

As years proved that the virtues that we believe in were firm, they also brought many achievements along with them.

 In the 3 principal sectors that we operate in;

-Procurement and distribution of chemical raw materials

-Storage and terminal services for oil derivatives / petrochemicals

-International logistics and transportation services for chemicals

Arkem Chemicals has become a leading company, which is known for its ethical approach, expert staff, problem solving attitude and innovativeness. In accordance to these attributes, we always strive to be a contributing company to our country and community.

I want to emphasize my utmost confidence in further accomplishments of Arkem on the way to becoming a renowned distribution group in the region with the most comprehensive portfolio of chemical products as well as an advanced logistics infrastructure. 

Considering the fact that competition in our globalizing world will pick up the pace in the future, there will be an increasing call for efficient and creative collaboration including team spirit in order to ensure the sustainable growth of our group.  In the coming years we commit ourselves to implement this perspective which we have been pursuing since the very beginning even more vigorously. 

Levend Kokuludağ
Chairman Of The Board & Chief Executive Officer
Arkem Kimya San. ve Tic. A.Ş.