We believe that education is the most important factor for solving social problems and maintaining sustainable business success. 

Arkem Group donates a substantial sum of its income to educational institutions every year in order to try and help with the education of students in need.
Foremost among these charities comes the Darüşşafaka Community. Established in 1863, the idea behind its creation was to provide ‘’equal opportunities in education’’ for those children who have lost their parents and lack the means for proper education. Our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Levend Kokuludağ, serves as a member of the Darüşşafaka Community High Advisory Board in order to help improve and grow the community. 

Arkem as a company was always respectful and sensitive on topics such as human rights, working conditions, environment, anti-corruption and corporate social responsibility. In accordance to these views we have signed the UN Global Compact Treaty.