Altıntel Seaport and Terminal Enterprises (Arkem Port), located in Dilovası Organized Industrial Zone of Kocaeli province, began construction in 1985 and started operations in 1987. Since then, through capacity upgrades and the addition of new tanks, the facilities became as they are today.

The current pier is 250 m in length and 10.5 m in width.

Until 2009, the Seaport Facilities were used in the handling of raw/processed iron and steel products, packed mine ores and various forestry products etc. for third parties. In the future , handling of general cargo is to be resumed in a separate new jetty that is planned to be taken into service.

The total capacity of the Tank Terminal Facilities is 83.000 m³. Presently, there are 63 tanks that vary in volume from 300  up to 2590 .

The company can also serve third party customers as a storage facility for general cargo in its outdoor Warehouse of 3500 m² in the port area or within its indoor Warehouse of 200 m² , within the Terminal facilities.

The company started services as Altıntel Melamin Sanayi A.Ş in 1985. After its takeover by Arkem Chemicals in 2008, today; it is operating under the title of Altıntel Liman ve Terminal İşletmeleri A.Ş.